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Recording Studio Now open for all

Get your tracks recorded with style and ease. Chatte town Records now offers a full music production that take you to a whole new level. You can customize your experience along your objectives or simply be guided to the highest version of your potential. An All-inclusive package gets you a fresh original beat, relaxed recording sessions, professional mixing and full mastering. Your mastered song comes in a distribution ready format with the highest quality standard, that includes your taste and feel. We also throw in one professional visual of your choice to be ready to hit the fan.

First comes, first served ! A bank of sick original beats awaits you. Choose through our beats and get automatically promoted by Chatte Town Records. You can also bring your own beat and start recording in a chill, relaxed environment that promotes creativity and higher reaches. Well do the rest. Worry-free, you just wait for your new product to be delivered.

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